Where Your Donations Go: Tara’s Story

Tara was diagnosed with HER2 Triple Positive breast cancer at age 43. After undergoing chemotherapy and seventeen Herceptin treatments, she was declared cancer free. Unfortunately, the end of treatment did not mean the end of the bills. “I was 43 years old, married with two grown children and one in high

Where Your Donations Go: Kat’s Story

Ana Katherine “Kat” was the recipient of a chemo care package through our very first round of The 15 Project. Diagnosed in 2014 after finding a lump while adjusting her bikini top, Kat endured various surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, including radiation to her brain after her cancer spread. Remember Betty

Where Your Donations Go: Shannan’s Story

In October 2014 at age 37, Shannan felt a thickening of her left breast. Within a month, the area had tripled in size. Shannan was diagnosed with Stage 3A Invasive Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. A mother of 4, including 2 special needs children, Shannan was forced to quit her job as a