To all my #BH sisters,

I want to let everyone how grateful I am to everyone that has been involved in raising money for breast cancer patients on behalf of Remember Betty. I am so thankful for Abbie, helping me bring the foundation to where it is today! As we move forward in 2018 and into 2019 I am so excited to have my personal hero, my sister, and breast cancer survivor, Bethany Nicklas moving into the position of director for RB! My sister is a tough as they come. She is a marathon runner, mother of two awesome girls, #BH, and successful at her job! She is a clear reflection of my mother. As my older sister, often we all turn to her for leadership, including my Dad. (Big Dan Wood) Together I want the coming months to be productive in raising funds for breast cancer patients. I believe, myself, my sister, and all of you can do that. There is so much need to support woman going thru chemo and radiation. Our mission is the same, to help as many as we can! So please reach out to Bethany with any fundraising ideas and let’s make the coming years bigger than years past. 

Love you and miss you

Instagram: @bethanynick  @rememberbetty