Remember Betty has accepted Revlon’s Love Is On challenge, a fundraising challenge launched by Revlon that could earn us up to $1,000,000!

Beginning September 14th, the charity that raises the most money over the course of 6 weeks will win an additional $1,000,000 from Revlon. A MILLION DOLLARS!

There are also weekly challenges with the chance to win additional funding for our cause. This week’s challenge is:


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If you’d like to donate to help us reach our goal, please Click Here.  No amount is too small, and every donation is appreciated. Already made your donation? Help us spread the word! Copy and paste these messages on your social media to encourage others to get involved!

Facebook: I’m taking the Love Is On challenge with Remember Betty because I believe that breast cancer patients should not go broke while trying to heal! Please show your support at

Twitter: I just showed #LOVE for @RememberBetty in the @Revlon Million Dollar Challenge! Donate to help us win the million! [/column][column column=”one_half” last=”true”]To Fundraise

If you’d like to help us fundraise to meet this incredible goal, please Click Here  to create your page. Once you’ve created your page, visit our Fundraising Toolkit for emails and social media posts to help you reach out to friends & family!