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Our mission is to help minimize the financial burden associated with breast cancer for patients and survivors by providing direct financial support to them so that they can focus on recovery and quality of life. Our mission is to make sure that the legacy of Betty Wood lives on.

We are a nonprofit direct assistance charity that focuses on providing financial relief to breast cancer patients and survivors. We were founded by Danny Wood of New Kids On the Block in memory of his mother, Betty, who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer in 1999. Officially founded as an independent charity in 2015, Remember Betty has existed as a fundraising team since 2008. Over the years, we have raised almost $2million to support breast cancer patients and survivors. Today, we focus our efforts on providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients and survivors in the following areas: mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments/repair, medical bills, everyday cost of living. Additionally, we provide chemo care packs to breast cancer patients going through treatment to help ease the harsh side effects.

  • Since 2014, we have provided over 400 chemo care packs to breast cancer patients in treatment across the US. These packs include items to combat chemo side effects such as nausea, hair loss, mental fatigue, dry mouth, and lowered immune system.
  • In 2016, Remember Betty provided the following assistance to breast cancer patients and survivors:
    • Over $15,000 in utility payments
    • Over $20,000 in medical payments
    • Over $20,000 in lymphedema management supplies (common, lifelong side effect of mastectomies and radiation for breast cancer patients)
    • Over $45,000 in mortgage payments
    • Over $70,000 in rental assistance
    • Over $80,000 in gift cards for everyday
  • Remember Betty is one of the only direct assistance charities that does not require a breast cancer patient or survivor to be in active treatment. This means that we are one of the only charities available to financially assist those in remission, on maintenance medications, or who are diagnosed as Stage IV Metastatic but are currently categorized as No Evidence of Disease, also known as NED.
  • Remember Betty accepts applications directly from patients and survivors, but we also accept referrals from social workers, patient navigators, and other charities that have run out of funding or have applicants who do not meet their criteria.
  • Grant applications are reviewed on a continuous basis, meaning that we can provide emergency/immediate assistance for applicants.
  • One in five cancer patients will stop or delay life saving treatments due to financial hardship.
  • Cancer patients who file for bankruptcy are 80% more likely to die than those who are able to remain financially solvent.

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