Ana Katherine “Kat” was the recipient of a chemo care package through our very first round of The 15 Project. Diagnosed in 2014 after finding a lump while adjusting her bikini top, Kat endured various surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, including radiation to her brain after her cancer spread.

Remember Betty was able to provide Kat with not only a chemo care package, but with insurance premium payments and payment in full for her cremation services.

“You have no idea how grateful we are to Remember Betty. You have provided moral support, financial aid and, most importantly, you made my sister happy just by existing. Just knowing there is a foundation that actually assists breast cancer patients and their families provided my sister with relief and hope. My family and I are indebted to Betty Wood’s legacy,” Kat’s sister Maria wrote to us.

“One of my sister’s biggest worries was who was going to take care of me. She was worried that I would be alone. This made me tear up but I immediately thought of Remember Betty. I told her that we have formed an extended family. Because of Remember Betty, Kat left us knowing that I would be okay as well. “

Sadly, we lost Kat in November 2015 after her cancer became resistant to treatment.