In October 2014 at age 37, Shannan felt a thickening of her left breast. Within a month, the area had tripled in size. Shannan was diagnosed with Stage 3A Invasive Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. A mother of 4, including 2 special needs children, Shannan was forced to quit her job as a sign language interpreter for her local school system because the chemotherapy she needed to save her life would also decrease her immune system. One month after her diagnosis, Shannan’s husband, David, was laid off.

“Komen told me that they couldn’t help me. American Cancer Society stood me up and left me sitting in a conference room at my oncology clinic all alone. The social worker there told me that they didn’t have anyone on staff for me to talk to,” Shannan writes.

While going through chemotherapy that left her with severe bone pain and neuropathy, Shannan discovered Remember Betty. “They gifted us tickets and meet & greet with Danny Wood in San Jose. After we met with Danny, Abbie, the director, pulled us to the side and handed us over $1000 envelopes of gift cards. They took the time to select ones for restaurants where my son who is on a special diet can easily eat. There was even a generic gift card included, which ended up being the only way we were able to pay our electricity bill. They sent flowers after my double mastectomy. They even paid my car repair bill after I mentioned that I was going to have no way to get back & forth to my final radiation treatments. When I began to suffer from lymphedema, they provided me with a gift certificate to purchase not one but FOUR compression sleeves! Remember Betty is the ONLY organization that has helped my family through this tough journey.