Tara was diagnosed with HER2 Triple Positive breast cancer at age 43. After

undergoing chemotherapy and seventeen Herceptin treatments, she was declared

cancer free. Unfortunately, the end of treatment did not mean the end of the bills.

“I was 43 years old, married with two grown children and one in high school. My

plan was to retire from my job of 21 years and become a stay at home grandma to

my three wonderful grandchildren. After over $450,000 in medical bills, I had to

take out two loans and get a second part time job. Cancer may have taken my breast,

my hair, and my savings, but it strengthened my faith in God and my love for my

family. Thank you to Remember Betty for helping women and men who are just like

me. Bless your donors for their big hearts and compassion.”

Remember Betty was able to provide Tara with mortgage payments and gift cards to

help offset the costs of everyday expenses, like groceries, clothing, and