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After the death of his mother, Betty, from breast cancer in 1999, New Kids On The Block member Danny Wood searched for a way to keep her memory alive. During his break from NKOTB in the 90s and early 2000s, he partnered with well-known breast cancer charities to help raise funds for breast cancer research & early detection.


The return of NKOTB in 2008 gave Danny a larger audience for the story of his mother and her fight against breast cancer. Fans began walking & raising money directly for these charities at breast cancer awareness races across the US and Canada. Rallying behind their brother, the members of NKOTB created pink ribbon items to sell during their reunion tour. Using his mother’s memory as inspiration, Danny released a solo album, ‘Stronger: Remember Betty’, with all proceeds going directly into his fundraising efforts.

In 2015, unsatisfied with the status quo of some of the larger charities, Danny ventured out to make Remember Betty an independent 501c3 organization. There was an immediate and impactful rally of support from donors and volunteers who had grown weary of donations going to pay excessive CEO salaries instead of into programs that helped their loved ones and neighbors.


From there, the Remember Betty Foundation was born. 

Danny returned to the recording studio for the first time in 8 years, releasing “Look At Me,” in January 2016. The introspective, singer-songwriter album and subsequent tour helped raise over $70,000 for the foundation in just 27 shows.

As the foundation continued to grow, teams across the United States and various parts of the world began putting together local events to assist with additional fundraising efforts. Teams hosted and participated in various events, including paint nights, karaoke parties, bake sales, merchandise auctions, and more to raise money for those in need. These events have become a staple of the foundation. 

Then, in 2020, as the world shut down due to a worldwide pandemic, the Remember Betty Foundation expanded its fundraising efforts to also include interactive, virtual events. These events helped the foundation continue to be able to assist those in need, even in the darkest of times. 

Holding strong in Elizabeth 'Betty' Wood's memory, the Remember Betty Foundation is looking forward to continuing its growth into the remainder of 2022 and beyond, both in support and in the assistance we can provide to breast cancer patients and survivors. 

"(Betty) has become a beacon of light that overshadows breast cancer. Betty is your mother, sister, family member, or friend fighting against the disease. Betty is a symbol that lives in all of us." - Danny Wood

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help minimize the financial burden associated with breast cancer for patients & survivors by providing direct financial support to them so that they can focus on recovery & quality of life. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Our Vision

In support of the fundraising efforts of our foundation as a whole, including through teams, independent donors, and sponsors, The Remember Betty Foundation believes in expansion through the breast cancer awareness community. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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